Published: May 6, 2015

Moonhawk KimMoonhawk Kim At the Third Annual ASSETT Teaching with Technology Symposium in April, ASSETT staff awarded the 2015 Teaching with Technology Award.  ASSETT recognizes Kim as an exceptional educator with a demonstrated commitment to improving the undergraduate student experience.  ASSETT Teaching with Technology Consultant Jacie Moriyama spoke about how he has effectively harnessed the affordances of technology for the purposes of teaching and learning.  Kim has participated in a number of ASSETT programs such as the Teaching with Technology Seminar, the Hybrid and Online Course Design Seminar, and the Flipped Classroom Workshop.  

Kim also joined several other instructors at the Symposium in presenting a teaching with technology tool that he uses in his teaching.  Kim uses open educational software Nota Bene that was created by MIT for collaborative reading.  NB is an online annotation tool that allows students to better engage with content.  Through NB, the instructor can assign articles for students to read and dedicate prompts for students to consider and respond to as they read.   With NB, the instructor can better task students to consider their course readings with a more critical eye.  Then, in class, students can use their annotations to participate in more productive conversations about their class readings.  Students must find evidence in the assigned readings to support their ideas.

The previous two winners of the Annual ASSETT Teaching with Technology award are Assistant Professor Holly Gayley in the Department of Religious Studies in 2014 and Associate Professor of Linguistics, Kira Hall in 2013.