Published: Feb. 5, 2015

Morris Reading RoomThe Philosophy Department received an ASSETT Development Award in 2014 to install a technical upgrade to their Reading Room.  The Morris Reading Room is the CU Boulder Philosophy Department's library and is located upstairs in Hellems.

With the purchases made with ASSETT Development Award funds, the Reading Room now offers many features that CU Boulder classrooms do and more.  The department purchased a 70 inch screen TV with a mount that offers 36 vertical inches of mobility.  The TV has an HDMI set up plus other auxiliary devices, including a blue ray player and a Mac mini.  This set up replaces the projectors and pull down screens that used to hang from the Morris Reading Room Wall.  Now, instructors can quickly project their PowerPoints or play films from USB drives or laptops on the TV.  On Monday nights, the undergraduate Philosophy Club hosts speakers in the Morris Reading Room.

Lastly, the Philosophy Department installed an OIT clicker station.  This way, the Reading Room offers similar capabilities as do other campus classrooms!  Considering the ongoing renovation of the Ketchum building, holding classes in the Morris Reading in Hellems is a huge help to department space requirements.

Pictured here are Sheralee Brindell's Philosophy 2260 Philosophy and Food students watching a PowerPoint in the Morris Reading Room.  Brindell said that she loves having the screen above her as she teaches.