Published: July 25, 2014

Wondering how your students are really receiving your new teaching strategy?  Why wait until after the semester is over to read students' feedback on FCQs?  Create your own student survey right now with Google Drive Forms, and check in with your students mid-semester.  CU Boulder students and faculty are already set up and ready to go with Google Drive accounts.

Want help getting started?  Read this How To List about how to use Google Forms, and watch this video about how and why to use Google Forms.

You may write  your questions with multiple choice, checklist, or open response formatting.  Consider trying Kern Kelley's ready-made form templates for educators, here.

After you have created and shared your form with students, their answers will instantly filter into a spreadsheet in your Google Drive account.  Just like any spreadsheet, you can display their feedback in graphs or tables.

Good luck with using Google Drive Forms!