Published: July 16, 2014

Dr. Michela Ardizzoni. Photo courtesy of The Department of French and Italian."Seeing is believing, and Professoressa Ardizzoni is able to express this succinctly through the use of documentaries and visual aids."  Students nominated Dr. Michela Ardizzoni for a Fall 2013 ASSETT Teaching with Technology Award for her teaching of Italian 4990: Multiculturalism in Italy.  A student also wrote in Ardizzoni's nomination that, "The use of videos and powerpoint presentations in class have really conveyed the message of this class (Multiculturalism in Italy) ..."

Ardizzoni shared her thoughts about teaching with technology with us.

What do you like best about teaching?
Trying to make students as enthusiastic as I am about the topics of my courses. It's always very rewarding when that happens!

What videos do you play in class?

Depending on the type of course I teach, I can include documentaries, feature films, music videos, news stories, TV programs, interviews, etc.

Why did you play those videos in class?

The overall goal is to help students see a connection between the theoretical framework of our discussions and readings and the cultural artifacts produced by various societies.

What visual aids did you show in class?

Again, it depends on the class. I can use PowerPoint, clips of different kinds, Padlet, Prezi, word cloud and others.

Why did you show those visual aids in class?

I use them to clarify some points made in the assigned readings, to create a conversation around a particular topic, or to provide an example which we discuss as a group.

What are some challenges that you have encountered in teaching with technology?

I would say the only challenge is really some students' resistance to technology - at least, at first. Some students are still cautious about engaging with tools they are not familiar with, and they require very detailed instructions on what to do with technology.