Published: Oct. 9, 2013

We all need to understand our degree audit: it tells us what classes we have and which ones we need and keeps us from having to e-mail our advisor every other week. It can be confusing as all heck, but hopefully this little guide can help.

To access your degree audit, log into your myCUinfo and click the "Degree Audit/Transfer Credit Evaluation." If you are a transfer student, this is also where you can check how your credits from other universities have transferred.

Next, log in with your identikey and password in the new tab. 

After you've logged in, you can choose to run a degree audit of your current declared major if you simply want to check your progress: 

Or you can run a "what if" degree audit to see how many courses you would need in a new major, or to add a minor or different emphasis.

After you've made your selection, make sure to wait for the most recent audit to come up. This can take a little bit, and you might need to hit the "refresh list" button a few times. If you pick an old audit, it might not include your more recent courses.

After you open your audit, you should see a lot of red and green drop-down menus. These are all the different categories of requirements for your school and major. If the category has a green check-mark by it, congratulations, you have fulfilled that requirement! If there is a red "x" next to the category, you're missing something. Simply click the little arrow next to the category name to see a description of what you need and what courses satisfy that requirement.

You can also click on a course number directly from your degree audit to read the course description. 

You can also keep track of your overall credit progress, making sure you earn enough credits overall, credits outside your department and upper division credit hours.

Now you know a little bit more about your degree audit, and it can be your best friend- the best kind of friend because it's the kind that makes sure you graduate on time!

On last nifty trick. If you're trying to find a class that fulfills a certain requirement within your college, you can enter that into your search criteria on the course search. Simply open the menu titled "Additional Search Criteria" and input the requirement you are searching for. 

That will show you all the courses that the school of Arts and Sciences has approved to fulfill that requirement and are being taught during the semester you are interested in.