Published: May 9, 2013

A ridiculous meme with a businessman that really isn't applicable to this pageHave you ever heard a friend say that it’s impossible to find a job on campus? That all the good jobs are taken and your only choice is to work at the Taco Bell in Westminster? That WWII was started by aliens? Well, your friend is wrong about a lot of things, but especially the job thing. Looking for a job can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’ve never had one before. But with these nifty tips and tricks, you too can find a killer job on-campus, and not end up eating half-frozen churros with your friend on the drive back from Westminster.

1) Know what you’re looking for.

Start by making a list of all the things that the perfect job for you would have: hours, pay, location, the job type, position etc. Then, decide which things you would be willing to make concessions, and which things you absolutely must have. Be flexible and realistic- there is probably an on-campus job for you, but you probably can’t get paid $15 an hour to do nothing. You also probably won’t be appointed with the official title of “Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville,” although you can give that name to yourself, cause a real man chooses his own name.

2) Know where to look.

A great place to start your job search is in the “Student Employment” tab of myCU Info. This tab has tons of job listings, organized by job type. Each listing gives specific information about the job and the steps to apply. It’s also good to keep your eyes peeled around campus- there are always flyers and e-mails going around about jobs. Getting involved in campus organizations can also (sometimes) lead to job opportunities. If you start volunteering or going to events of a group that interests you, you might be able to become an intern or coordinator for that group in the future. Don’t, however, walk into the first meeting, declare your previous moniker of “Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville,” and demand a starting salary of $100,000.

3) Be proactive- look early and often.

There are a lot of jobs on campus, but they do fill up fast. If you’re thinking about getting a job next semester, it’s smart to start looking in the next few weeks, and continue into the semester. Organizations are already beginning to take stock of who they will be losing next semester, and how many positions will be opening.

4) Don’t give up.

If you don’t find the perfect job when you first start looking, don’t be discouraged. New opportunities are being posted daily, you just have to keep your eye out. Be determined, if for no another reason than to rub into your friend’s taco-eating face when you do find the perfect job.