Robert Garelick
Senior Director of Development

Robert Garelick has a passion for great causes and philanthropy and joined the CU advancement team in 2017 after working as an executive director for several years in the healthcare space. Robert, a graduate of the University of Colorado (School of Arts and Sciences), also owned his own business and ran an international manufacturing business for 10 years in the private sector. He spent his formative years in the UK, but was also fortunate to have worked in many other countries throughout his career. Robert has been proud to call Boulder home for more than 20 years.

Robert has served as a volunteer in both the homeless and literacy communities for many years and enjoys serving on non-profit boards in the Denver metro area. In his former role, he worked to advocate and fundraise for research to cure Type One Diabetes and to mitigate its complications. 

The entire Garelick family are fervent CU Buffs. His wife and daughter also graduated from CU Boulder and his son is due to graduate in 2018.