UGGS is comprised of an Assembly and the Executive Board. The Assembly consists of a representative from each academic department on campus while the Executive Board is a seven-member elected board composed of UGGS representatives.

UGGS Executive Board
Daniel Gustavson, VP of Finance
Dan is a PhD student in Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Genetics where he researches working memory, self-control, and why people procrastinate. Dan enjoys bike riding, brewing beer, and playing music
Laura Michaelson, Executive Vice President
Laura is a Ph.D. student in the Cognitive Psychology program. She works in a developmental lab, which means her research involves playing with preschoolers all day. She has been working with UGGS since her first semester at CU, and loves connecting with fellow graduate students and administrators. When not in the lab or the UGGS office, favorite hobbies include trail jogging with her two yellow labs, snowboarding, and adult recreational kickball.
Kate Allison, Vice President of Student Affairs
Kate is a PhD Candidate in the School of Education's Research and Evaluation Methodology program. She graduated from St. John's College with a double major in Philosophy and History of Mathematics & Science before moving to Japan to teach English and work with organizations focused on internationalization and community involvement. Kate enjoys travel, Thai noodles, beaches, and traveling to Thailand to eat noodles on beaches. Evidence would also suggest that she occasionally hugs redwoods.
Joey Hubbard, President
I am a fifth year PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I work with Dr. Rebecca Safran studying the evolution of ornamental coloration in birds. Specifically, I am exploring the heritability and underlying genetic basis of melanin-based color in barn swallows, which basically means I spend my summers chasing birds all over the front range and my winters at a lab bench waiting for the next UGGS social event! I have been involved with UGGS since 2008 and have served as treasurer/VP finance for three years before being elected as President.

University of Colorado Student Government Committees and Boards

John Lurquin, Social Chair
John is a Ph.D. student in the Cognitive Psychology program at CU where he researches self-control, persistence, and executive functioning. As the UGGS Social Chair, he enjoys the opportunity to connect CU graduate students and promote the much needed social network. When he is able to escape his lab and office, John enjoys skiing and playing with dogs and the local dog park.
UGGS Campus Representation
Taylor L. Harrell, Co-Senator
Taylor is a first year MBA student at The University of Colorado's Leeds School of Business with a focus on Marketing. She completed her undergraduate degree in communications at Boston University and went on to work in corporate and public affairs for a few years before returning to graduate school. As an UGGS Representative and a CUSG Co-Senator she represents the interests of the graduate students of the CU community.

University of Colorado Student Government Committees and Boards

Kelsey Cody, Co-Senator
Hi, my name is Kelsey and I'm a PhD student in Environmental Studies. I do research on water management and environmental policy, and I spend my free time running, climbing, and drinking delicious microbrew. With UGGS and CUSG, I look forward to representing the interests of graduate students as students, employees, and members of the CU campus community.