Travel Grant Application

Please read all travel grant policies under the grants section before submitting your application. Failure to comply could result in your application being disqualified.

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Travel not approved by your faculty advisor or department is not eligible for funding.
Travel Information

Travel funds are not limited to conferences, but may also be used for travel to field sites, workshops, collaborations at other universities, etc. Email with questions regarding eligible travel.

Estimated Costs

NOTE: Per Diem is not covered by this travel award

File Uploads

In one single-spaced page or less, please tell us your motivation for partaking in this travel, the academic and personal benefits you expect to receive, and how you will represent the University of Colorado and the Graduate School. Please indicate your level of participation (i.e. presenting your original work, chairing a session/workshop, leading a dig, etc.).  The merit of the application hinges strongly on the quality of this essay. Do not be overly technical - your essay will be judged by people outside of your field.

The essay should be anonymousDO NOT include your name, advisors name, or publications in the essay or file name. All essays should be uploaded as a PDF. Files should be named as follows: <last 4 digits of SID_Essay.pdf> i.e. 1234_Essay.pdf

Failure to follow these requirements will result in disqualification.


Please upload an unnoficial transcript. Note that transcripts requested from myCUinfo contain your name on each page and in two places – "Name" and "Requested by" – be sure to black-out your name anywhere it shows up. All transcipts should be uploaded as a PDF. Files should be named as follows: <last 4 digits of SID_Transcript.pdf> i.e. 1234_Transcript.pdf

Failure to follow these requirements will result in disqualification.

Tip: Open your transcript .pdf with Adobe Reader. Click the “Highlight Text” tool and highlight your name. Right click on your highlighted name and change the highlight color to black. On a Mac, this can also be accomplished in Preview. Re-save the file.

For Fall applications only: First year students should provide a copy of their fall schedule from myCUinfo instead of a transcript.

Remember to black out your name on your transcripts!
Application Checklist