Herd Leadership Council

There is also an opportunity to make an impact in the CU community by serving on the Herd Leadership Council. Any CU Boulder student is eligible to apply to the Herd Leadership Council. Herd leaders learn valuable skills in communication, event planning, marketing and time management while working with alumni and key campus officials to influence change on campus. Council members also develop important leadership skills.

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For more information about the HLC or how to become a Herd Leader contact Lindsay Luzania the Herd Program Manager by email or at (303) 492-3634.

  • herd leaders on a trip to loveland
  • The Herd leadership team having fun working at farrand fest 2015

Meet the 2016-2017 Herd Leaders

Herd Leader - Daphne Vilar Knight

Daphne Virlar-Knight

Herd President - Daphne is a junior studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She loves snowboard, cinematography, and traveling. Her life goals are to work for National Geographic, and become fluent in Spanish and Italian.

Nora Abel, herd leader

Nora Abel

Herd Leader - Nora is a sophomore studying Advertising. She is originally from Philadelphia. Nora loves being active, traveling, and trying new things. She hopes to work in sports advertising so she can work on and be sent to events like the Olympics, World Cup, and the X-Games!

Michaela Higgins Herd Leader

Michaela Higgins

Herd Leader - Michaela is a sophomore studying International Affairs. She is passionate about traveling, food, and winter activities (especially skiing). Her biggest aspiration is to never have a permanent address.

Esa Oittinen Herd Leader

Esa Oittinen

Herd Leader - Esa is junior studying Biochemistry and MCDB. He enjoys skydiving, skiing, being outdoors, and has never broken a bone. He also enjoys playing video games. Esa also works as a student employee at the Alumni Association.

Holland Parker Herd Leader

Holland Parker

Herd Leader - Holland is sophomore studying International Affairs, Chinese and French. She enjoys dropping sick mix tapes and she is addicted to coffee.

Floyd Pierce Herd Leader

Floyd Pierce

Herd Leader - Floyd is a junior studying Economics and Applied Mathematics. He loves playing the saxophone and is one of the drum majors of the “Golden Buffalo” Marching Band. He one day hopes to be on The Amazing Race.

Jasen Spirek Herd Leader

Jasen Spirek

Herd Leader - Jasen is a sophomore studying Computer Science in a dual degree program. He loves snowboarding, working on cars and programming.

Jessica Vigil Herd Leader

Jessica Vigil

Herd Leader - Jessica is a junior studying Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys hiking, fishing, cooking, reading and writing.