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NVC Teams mingle at meetingEntering its 9th year, the CU New Venture Challenge (NVC) has created a reputation as the go-to program for aspiring entrepreneurs across the CU Boulder campus. There has been a 300% increase in participation since the first Challenge in 2009. The NVC is CU Boulder’s entrepreneurial “flight simulator,” giving teams the chance to build a startup with support and mentorship from across campus as well as many of the area’s most important entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses.

The NVC is divided into industry-specific “tracks” targeted to help specific business types including General, Information Technology, Research and Development and Performing Arts. The Social Impact Prize encourages teams to take into account social and environmental responsibility and the Women’sEntrepreneurship Prize encourages and promotes female entrepreneurs. In NVC8, about one quarter of all teams had woman founders or core members.

Participants in the NVC represent various majors and departments, including: computer science, law, environmental design, music, business, engineering, ATLAS, and more. From undergraduate to graduate and PhD to faculty and staff, everying across campus is encouraged to participate.

The NVC is a hub for an immense amount of talent because of its location at the intersection of a top research university, an internationally recognized startup community and one of the nation’s best cities in which to live.

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Past Competitions

2016 NVC8 Winners

First Place: Hive Tech Solutions

Second Place: Grownetics

Third Place: The Space Research Company

Runners Up: Sing It Forward & Outloud!

Congratulations to all NVC 8 Track and Prize Winners!

I/T Track : Grownetics

R/D Track: The Space Research Company

General Track: Hive Tech Solutions

Social Impact Prize: The Space Research Company

Women’s Entrepreneurship Prize: Hive Tech Solutions

Newcomer of the Year Award: Off the Wall Language

Collapse the Campus Award: ReVision

Rising Star Award: Qualify

2015 NVC7 Winners

First Place: Revolar 

Second Place: NuBru Coffee

Third Place: Blue Star Medical Devices

Runners Up: Antigua Brewing Co. & Tenor

Congratulations to all NVC7 Track Winners!

I/T Track: (1) Revolar, (2) TENOR, (3) 401K Fantasy, (4) The Shame Lady

R/D Track: (1) Blue Star Medical Devices, (2) NuBru Coffee, (3) The Space Research Co. 

Social Impact (Awards): (1) Revolar, (2) Antigua Brewing Co.

2014 NVC6 Winners

NVC 6 Champions: Malleable Medical Tech (Mallinda) and Varsity



Did you miss the NVC Finals? Check out the videos of the 5 pitches here.

This year’s NVC Finals were so competitive, the judges could not choose just one first place winner. As such, the judges gave a first place tie to Varsity and Malleable Medical Tech, who both took home $10,000 each. Having awarded the entire pool of $20,000 prize money to the first place teams, the judges decided to fund the third place prize themselves! NeuroPractice rounded out the top three and took home $1,000 in prize money that was generously donated by the judges at the last minute.

Wakeio and Agribotix also competed in the NVC Finals and the judges noted that had these teams competed in another year, they easily would have won first place. Congrats to all the teams who participated in this year’s NVC!

Congratulations to all NVC6 Track Winners!

Mobile App Track: (1) Wakeio, (2) Cue, (3) Riffle

Check out pictures from the event here, thanks to 23rd Studios.

General Track Champion: Malleable Medical Technologies (Mallinda)

malleable med tech

Malleable Medical Technologies leverages an exciting advance in polymer chemistry to create easily-customizable, high performing orthopedic devices. Make sure to check them out at the NVC Finals on April 22nd!

IT Track Champion: Varsity

photo 2

Varsity became the champion of the IT Track on April 10th at what was the most competitive IT Track competition yet. Keep you eye out for the other IT finalist teams: CongoTrunkit, and Virtuoso! Make sure to check out Varsity at the NVC Final Championships on April 22nd!

Cleantech Track Winner: Agribotix

On Wednesday, Agribotix became the winner of the Cleantech Track and they will advance on to the NVC Finals on April 22nd. Congrats to all of the incredible and innovative teams that pitched during the Cleantech Track! Picking a winner was difficult! Thanks to Paul at 23rd Studios for sharing these great pictures!

2013 NVC5 Winners

Winners: Boom Algae (formerly, Superior EcoTech) and TeacherMaps 

Social Impact Champion: Second Family

Wild Card: TuTaxi

Music Track Champion: Piano Plus

General Business Champion: SnowGate

Cleantech Champion: Boom Algae (formerly, Superior EcoTech)

IT Champion: TeacherMaps

2012 NVC4 Winners

1st Place (NVC Champion): rideorama.com – $4,000

2nd Place:  Urban Farm Company – $2,000

3rd Place: Rebound Technology – $2,000

AUDIENCE CHOICE: rideorama.com

Cleantech Champions: Thrive Energy

Social Impact Champions: Urban Farm Company

Music Champions: Ensemble Pearl

General Champions: Mobius Creations

IT Champions: rideorama.com

2011 NVC3 Winners

1st Place (NVC Champion): Green Truck – $7,000

2nd Place: CleanPlate – $3,000

3rd Place: L’Esperance – $2,000

2010 NVC2 Winners

1st Place: Streat Chefs – $6,000 

2nd Place: Jobsite Visitor.com – $3,000

3rd Place: Dymotion – $2,000  

Judges Choice Rwanda Rocket Stoves – $250      

College of Music  Boulder Brass Band  – $3,500     

2009 NVC1 Winners

1st Place: Knova Learning

2nd Place: 3QMatrix

3rd Place: Fetcht

Computer Science Award: TechoShark, Inc.

Honorable Mention CS Award: Ap.igy

Most Innovative: Conifer Quantum Technology

Press release covering NVC 1: April 20, 2009 Press Release