Is Libby Arts RAP right for me?

Hand painting onto wallLibby RAP’s curriculum and events are focused on the performing and visual arts, so the program attracts students interested in those disciplines. The program also attracts students who will major in other disciplines, yet want to explore their creative side. To help you decide whether Libby RAP is right for you, the following comments are from Libby RAP students:

"To me, Libby RAP is a community where creative people come together to learn, have fun, and make a difference."

"The Libby Residential Academic Program is a means through which students and faculty can build a strong community, learn through expression, and exercise their creative thinking skills to gain a better understanding of universal truths."

"Libby RAP is an energetic environment built to foster creativity and challenge the inner artist. Our community is full of inspiring students and faculty who are passionate about what they do and have the unique opportunity to collaborate all under one roof!"

"LRAP is the partnership of creativity and community where students are given the opportunity to go on an academic quest by experiencing college through the lens of being an artist in any capacity."

"Coming from a small town and a small graduating high school class, I was thrilled to be attending CU-Boulder but astonished at entering a freshman class of 5500 people. The Libby RAP program eased this enormous transition. With professors who knew my name, small classes with people who lived in my dorm and field trips to film festivals and the art museum, I felt like part of a small community—an invaluable feeling that helped me through my other introductory (and largely impersonal) 500-person classes. Looking back, I realize that the Libby RAP program taught me how to navigate the many resources of CU-Boulder and the Boulder community at large. And if that weren't enough, it was through the Libby RAP that I met most of my closest friends, some of the most wonderful, creative people I've ever met. In short, I'd recommend this program in a heartbeat—it was one of the best things I did in my time at CU-Boulder." — Janine Allen (History ’10), Libby RAP alumna

All students apply for Libby RAP through the housing reservation process. If you want to speak to someone, contact Housing Reservations at 303-492-6673.

The program fee is $850 per academic year. This fee includes instruction and most events offered in Libby RAP.