Parcels and Personal Mail

  • Inform friends and family of your address as soon as you know where you will be receiving mail.
  • You may have First Class MailĀ sent to you in care of International Education, but only for the first few weks of school. Mail will be forwarded to your Boulder address for only a short time after classes begin.
  • Do not have bulk rate or surface rate correspondence, parcels, magazines, books, mail from your home university, or mail from professional organizations sent to you in care of International Education. Unfortunately, we have no place to store mail or parcels, and this kind of mail cannot be forwarded to you.
  • If you will be living in a residence hall, have mail and parcels sent directly to your residence hall address.
  • In the past, students have purchased dormitory linens, including bed sheets, from a vendor off the internet, and had them shipped in care of the Office of International Education. It has caused some problems for us because we do not have a place to store them. We do not recommend buying linens from a vendor, as attractive as it may sound; if you are going to live in a residence hall, you can buy sheets for your bed after you arrive in Boulder. Several stores in Boulder carry sheets that fit residence hall beds.
  • We suggest that you send any unaccompanied baggage by air freight or by parcel post, since previous students have experienced fewer delays, less damage and theft, and less paperwork by this method. Insure all packages against loss or damage. Mark all packages of clothing and other belongings as "USED" in order to avoid having to pay US Customs charges.