Getting Credit for Volunteer Work

Students can get academic credit for approved volunteer work via IPHY 2910 (Practicum in IPHY) if they are freshmen or sophomores, or via IPHY 4930 (Internship) if they are juniors or seniors. 45 hours of volunteer work are required for each academic credit. See the Information Videos page for more details about the program. You can see the list of past internships for examples, and the internship and employment opportunities page for recent openings (use the drop-down menu to select "volunteer positions"). The forms can be downloaded here:

Steps to Follow

  1. First, find the internship setting and get a brief letter from your supervisor stating what the time commitment will be and what duties will be performed. This information can also be emailed to Dr. Sherwood ( Once the internship is completed, your supervisor must verify the number of hours completed. If you need help finding an internship, contact Career Services (303-492-4129), or for health-related internships go to

  2. Second, find an IPHY faculty member to be your sponsor. Work with your sponsor to determine what kind of academic project will be required for the credit. This is typically a paper, but there is a lot of flexibility in what is acceptable. When in doubt, contact Dr. Sherwood. Have your faculty sponsor sign the form and then submit the form to Dr. Sherwood for approval. The departmental staff will then enroll the student. Note: Internship paperwork must be filed before the Add deadline, so be sure to leave enough time for this.