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Ecology & Mathematics


Notable papers

PNAS 2015 Rescuing species from extinction

Proc B 2014 Demography vs genetics in colonization

Nature 2014 Herbivores and nutrients control diversity

Nature 2014 Eutrophication upsets diversity-stability relationship

Science 2011 Productivity-diversity relationship

Science 2009 Invasive spread (Editor's summary; New York Times).

Nature 2008 Extinction risk (Editor's summary; Guardian).

Ecology Letters 2007 Diversity-invasibility, top 20 most read paper.

Exciting stuff

Our paper on niche/neutral metacommunities is out in OIKOS.

Geoff Legault wins the Volterra award for best student poster in theoretical ecology.

Alan Hastings and I have secured NSF funding to extend our work on species ranges to include interactions between species.

Our synthesis paper on the impact of habitat fragmentation on Earth's ecosystems is out in Science Advances, the new AAAS journal.

Topher Weiss-Lehman wins the EC Pielou award for best student talk in statistical ecology.