PhD Programs

Below are some of the many resources we have on campus to ensure your success during your graduate program.

Graduate Student Handbook 

The handbook is an excellent resource for any questions you may have about your graduate program. Please contact the Graduate Studies Coordinator if you have further questions regarding policies once you have read the handbook.

Course Catalog

Here you can find descriptions of courses listed for every department on campus.

Forms and Policies 

You can find important forms for your programs here, including for graduation. 

Writing Center 

The Writing Center offers writers from across disciplines and skill levels the opportunity to work one-on-one with consultants trained in writing pedagogy.


Resources for graduate students to connect with the community and other local organizations

Instructional Resources:

Graduate Teacher Program

The Graduate Teacher Program is an excellent resource for effective instruction at the university level. You will receive regular emails from the current School of Education Lead Graduate Teacher on upcoming workshops.


Desire2Learn (D2L) is commonly used on campus as an online learning platform for courses you may be taking and also teaching. This site provides information about how D2L functions on campus. Please also consult with your Faculty Assistant if you have questions about using D2L in your classroom.

Professional Resources:

Dissertation Resources: