Minimum of two upper level undergraduate courses related to learning and human development. For example, courses in psychology, sociology, or education that touch on topics such as how people learn, cognition, and the social and cultural contexts of development including the study of culture, race, ethnicity, gender, or linguistics would be relevant.

Minimum of two courses related to learning in the disciplines in one of the following areas: literacy, history, mathematics, science, or engineering.

Course Requirements

Please also consult the MA in Learning Sciences and Human Development Degree Plan

  1. Core Requirements (6 hours)
  2. Core Electives (9 hours)
  3. Electives
    1. Plan I - with a thesis - Six (6) semester hours selected with the advisor's approval; or
    2. Plan II - without a thesis - Twelve (12) semester hours selected with the advisor's approval.
  4. International Students only: TOEFL scores (114) or IELTS (8.0)

Students can fulfill the electives requirement by taking courses from the School of Education or from other departments on campus (e.g., Psychology).

Each candidate is expected to participate, beyond course and program requirements, in the academic life of the university. Emphasis is on the candidate's growing independence in scholarship; annual evaluation of progress includes a review of general scholarly involvement as well as success in course work.

A written comprehensive examination must be completed during the student's last term of study for the MA degree. The examination will cover the content of all work in the program. Students transferring course work from other institutions to this program (up to 9 semester hours may be taken at other approved institutions) are responsible for the same knowledge as those whose work has been taken entirely at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Transfer of Credit Request Form

Degree Plan

MA in Learning Sciences and Human Development Degree Plan