Doctoral study in Education at the University requires a minimum of 56 semester hours of course work and 30 semester hours of dissertation credit.

Required Courses for all PhD Programs

  • EDUC 8210 Perspectives on Classrooms Teaching and Learning (fall)
  • EDUC 8220 Introduction to Educational Research and Social Policy (spring)
  • EDUC 8230 Quantitative Research Methods (fall)
  • EDUC 8240 Quantitative Research Methods II Education (spring)
  • EDUC 8250 Qualitative Research Methods (fall)
  • EDUC 8260 Qualitative Research Methods II (spring)
  • EDUC 8014 Doctoral Seminar in Multicultural Education (Fall of 2nd year)
  • EDUC 6XXX Specialty Seminars 

Individual courses of study will vary considerably among and within curriculum specialties depending on each candidate's background and goals. Students will develop a course of study (called a "degree plan" with their major advisor by the end of the first year of study.

C&I PhD candidates will complete substantial course work in curriculum, their C&I specialty, foundations and/or cognition, research methodology, and methods of instruction. The amount of course work in each of these areas (beyond the minimum) will be determined by individual needs and interests. In the curriculum specialties of English/literacy education, mathematics education, and science education, candidates are expected to present strong subject matter backgrounds upon admission, including graduate work in their fields, or to make up such work by taking course work above the minimum requirement for course work.

It is very important that all C&I PhD candidates consult the School of Education Graduate Student Handbook for requirements that apply to all doctoral candidates in the School of Education. Each candidate will work on research with faculty members and must produce a scholarly paper before qualifying to take the comprehensive examination. Candidates are also expected to attend seminars and discussions on topics of interest in their fields at the University and to participate in the major national conferences in their fields.

Comprehensive Examination

A written comprehensive examination must be taken near the completion of course work for the PhD degree. The examination will cover the content of all work in the program. Students transferring course work from other institutions to this program (up to twelve semester hours may be taken at other approved institutions) are responsible for the same knowledge as those whose work has been taken entirely at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Transfer of Credit Request Form

Degree Plan

PhD Degree Plan EDCI-Literacy