CU Wizards!

For over three decades, the CU Wizards program has presented FREE monthly shows that entertain and inform children about the wonders of science. Under the direction of Professor David Nesbitt, these interactive shows are presented once a month from September through June. They are hosted by renowned University of Colorado, Boulder professors and provide a perfect start to a fun-filled weekend. The shows are geared toward children and young adults, but all are welcome! Each program lasts about an hour and includes several lively demonstration experiments.  

No reservations required. All shows are on Saturday mornings and begin at 9:30 a.m.


At the University of Colorado at Boulder in the Duane Physics or Cristol Chemistry buildings. There is FREE PARKING in LOTS 308 and 436.  There is also parking available for a $4.00 flat fee in the Euclid parking structure.  Please refer to our website for additional parking information.


-Chancellor DiStefano

-David Paddock Endowment

-George Gamow Memorial Lecture Fund

-College of Arts & Sciences

-CU Science Discovery Program

-CU Outreach Program

-Local Wizards Enthusiasts who donate!


CU Wizards 2016-2017 Schedule:


Prof. Lew Harvey

"Illusion and Reality: The Science of Perception"

Duane Physics G1B30


Prof. Veronica Bierbaum

"The Magic of Chemistry”

Chem. 140


Prof. Mark Hoefer

Surfing with a Mathematician:

Nonlinear Waves & Fluids

Duane Physics


Prof. Steven Brown

“The Chemistry of the Atmosphere”

  Chem. 140


Prof. James Thompson

“The Physics of Superheros and Villains!”

Duane Physics G1B30


Prof. Debbie Wuttke and

Prof.  Dylan Taatjes

Biochemistry for Kids”


Chem. 140


Prof. Thomas Cech

“The Chemistry of Life”

    Chem. 140


Prof. Amy Palmer

TBA: Biophysical Chemistry

Chem. 140


Prof. Steven George

"The Chemistry of Energy"

Chem. 140


Prof. Tom Perkins

“For Very Big to Very Small…Microscopy and the Powers of Ten”

Duane Physics G1B30


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