Museum and Field Studies Program faculty members are jointly appointed with cognate departments. Faculty members have a variety of research and museology interests in the areas of anthropology, botany, entomology, paleontology, zoology, museum technology, science outreach and education, and other areas.

In addition to faculty-taught courses, professional museum staff teach courses on exhibit design and museum education and advise students in the Public/Administration Track. Guest instructors in the past have taught classes on object conservation, exhibits, and other topics.

Graduate students come to the Museum and Field Studies Program with a diverse range of experiences, from recent college graduates to experienced museum professionals.

PhotoNameContact Information
Janet Bensko
Graduate Program Coordinator
Deane Bowers Dr. M. Deane Bowers
Professor of EBIO • Curator of Entomology
Christina Cain Christina Cain
Collections Manager of Anthropology
Karen Chin Dr. Karen Chin
Associate Professor of Geological Sciences • Curator of Paleontology
Jaelyn Eberle Dr. Jaelyn Eberle
Director of Museum and Field Studies Program • Associate Professor of Geological Studies • Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Talia Karim Dr. Talia Karim
Collections Manager of Invertebrate Paleontology
Patrick Kociolek Dr. J. Patrick Kociolek
Director • Professor of EBIO • Curator of diatoms
Stephen Lekson Dr. Stephen Lekson
Professor of Anthropology • Curator of Anthropology
Jingchun Li Dr. Jingchun Li
Assistant Professor of EBIO • Curator of Invertebrates
Christy McCain Dr. Christy McCain
Associate Professor of EBIO • Curator of Vertebrates
Jennifer Shannon Dr. Jennifer Shannon
Associate Professor of Anthropology • Curator of Cultural Anthropology
Sharon Tinianow Sharon Tinianow
Assistant Director
Erin Tripp holding a chameleon Dr. Erin Tripp
Curator of Botany at COLO Herbarium • Assistant Professor of EBIO