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Creed Plaque Outside the UMC
A plaque of the Colorado Creed outside the UMC

Frequently Asked Questions about the Colorado Creed

What is it?

The Colorado Creed is a social responsibility code. It is a way of life and a reminder to Live It! by acting with honor, integrity, and respect. The Creed is CU when we are at our best.

Does it have anything to do with those stones in the ground around campus?

Yes. The stones around campus that have the key words from the Creed (Integrity, Act, etc.) engraved in them are a reminder of what the Creed represents and to Live it! The full Creed is also on plaques outside the UMC, the University Club, in the rec center, outside the steps of Norlin Library, outside of Folsom Field, at the Coors Event Center, and on floor B1 of the new ATLAS building.

Did it come from the administration?

No. The Colorado Creed was started by students, is run by students, and is for students as well as the campus and Boulder community.

Is it part of the honor code?

No. The Creed is not a mandate, a set of rules, or obligations. It is a code for people to live by. It is a reminder to Live It! by acting with honor, integrity, and respect.

How can I get involved, and what can I do?

The best thing you can do with the Creed is Live It! It's a way of life, so carry the Creed with you when you are on campus, in the community and after you graduate; share the Creed with your friends and family. If you would like to get involved with planning for service projects or the future of the Creed, send us an email at You can also show your support by liking our Facebook page But most of all... LIVE IT!!