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Close Up of Creed Plaque
A Colorado Creed plaque

Letter from UCSU: Show your CU spirit on Friday

Introducing Spirit Friday, a new community-wide effort

By Dustin Farivar, For the Colorado Daily
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sometimes I like to walk around campus and just look around.

Beyond the physical beauty and the natural landscapes, I find great joy in looking for the people who make up this community. With each new semester, I feel further invested and further engaged in the University of Colorado campus community.

I rarely share that internal peace and satisfaction that comes with my connection to CU.

To be fair, I haven't always felt this way.

As a freshman who commuted to campus, I had a small sense of community for the few friends I met here and there, until I got involved.

When I looked around the campus, I saw a lot of gaps, many of which still exist today. We have educational, financial and social gaps that we are continuing to navigate.

It took me a long time to realize that no one person can solve any of these issues. We are each empowered by the very core of what we're trying to enhance: the community itself.

Our communities are defined by the intersection of our identities, passions and environment and are manifested here on campus -- whether it is through class, student organizations, friends, sports or a love for what gives us pride at CU.

I take personal pride in being a member of the unique community that exists here at CU. We are a world-class institution with students, faculty and staff that support each other in their endeavors.

CU is a leader in environmental sustainability, community service and research -- nationally recognized for the contributions we make. We are all teachers and learners, fans and players -- but, most of all, we are all Buffaloes.

I am proud of CU and the education I receive both inside and outside the classroom. CU is a healthy environment with strong values that are embodied in the Colorado Creed and expressed in the daily lives of our community members.

We are all here for only a short period of time, but CU will always be with us when we leave.

We often define ourselves by our personal interests and identities. But in order to better CU as a whole, we must begin also to define ourselves by the common thread of our community.

With this in mind, please join me in celebrating pride in CU with a new tradition: Spirit Fridays.

Spirit Fridays is a chance for our community to express both its individual and collective connection to the University of Colorado.

Sponsored by UCSU, Staff Council and the Division of Student Affairs, this activity is designed to honor the personal pride we all have in CU.

We are encouraging the entire community to wear CU gear and school colors with pride every Friday as a symbol of our everyday experience and our unique experience with CU.

Other activities and events are planned -- so watch for future communications from the tri-executives and Staff Council, and help us to build a new tradition here on campus.

With the state's budget difficulties looming, there has never been a more important time to demonstrate the difference that CU makes in our lives, and as lifeblood for the state of Colorado.

We hope this tradition grows and expands past the boundary of campus, and becomes an enduring statement about the value of CU to its faculty, staff, students and alumni, to the state of Colorado and, indeed, to the world.

Our first Spirit Friday is this coming Friday, so put on your black, gold and silver, and make a statement that our university should endure and become as permanent as the elements these dramatic colors represent.