Winter Conferral

Winter Grad Info      College/Department Ceremonies

Fall Semester 2016 Graduates

Fall semester 2016 graduates are invited to participate in the Spring 2017 ceremony at CU Boulder as there is no official Winter campus-wide ceremony. The names of the December 2016 graduating students will be included in a combined list in the Spring 2017 program. 

Fall Semester 2017 Applicants

Fall semester 2017 applicants are also welcome to participate in the main Spring 2017 ceremony. However, Fall 2017 applicants should note that their names will not appear in the 2017 Commencement Program but, will show up in the 2018 Spring Commencement Program. Fall 2017 applicants will need to check with their School or College to make sure they are included in their department/college recognition ceremony.

Recognition of graduates

While degrees are awarded three times during the year (May, August and December), there is only one formal commencement ceremony in May. The printed commencement program includes those students who had graduated during the previous December, plus those students expected to graduate in May or upcoming August before the beginning of the new academic year.