ASSETT’s mission is to support the use of technology in advancing the teaching and learning mission of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The program began in July 2008, and continues thanks to the support of students who fund ASSETT through an instructional fee on A&S courses.

ASSETT 2016 Flyer

Our first priority is to understand the different needs and priorities of students, faculty, and staff across the College. By better understanding these varying needs, we can build advantageous resources and services. We recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” model and the best way to make good decisions is to ask you to be involved. We do this through our Advisory Committee and by asking you for your opinions and ideas in interviews and surveys.

Second, we keep teaching and learning–not technology–at the center of everything we do. We aim for something called “technological imagination” — we try to help people think in new ways about technology. So our staff help as much with teaching as they do with technology. Our staff are ready to connect you with available campus resources, to help you learn about what applications best fit you and your students' needs. We regularly share news about interesting ways students and faculty are using technology in the College and beyond as a means of recognition of good practice and to serve as inspiration for others.

Third, we collaborate with units both inside and outside of the College who provide teaching, learning, and technology support. Most recently we merged with OIT's Academic Design Team to maximize our ability to carry out our mission, foster innovative pedagogies, and serve faculty and students. Other groups include the libraries, ALTEC, the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program, the Graduate Teaching Program, Center for STEM Learning, and the College of Continuing Education and Professional Studies. Building relationships, keeping lines of communication open, and exchanging information will help all of us to better support teaching and learning on campus.