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Bonsai plantCall for Papers: 2016 CUBASGA Conference

Organized in 1998, the purpose of the University of Colorado, Boulder Asian Studies Graduate Association (CUBASGA) Conference is to provide a forum for graduate students to present their research from a variety of disciplines in the Humanities that pertains to East Asian studies. The conference is an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange with CU Boulder academics as well as professors and students visiting from other universities. Past keynote speakers have included: Professors Ding Xiang Warner (Cornell), Michael Emmerich (UCLA), William Boltz (UW Seattle), Atsuko Ueda (Princeton), Michael Puett (Harvard), Joe Cutter (ASU), Michael Nylan (Berkeley), Martin Kern (Princeton), Donald Harper (Chicago), Richard von Glahn (UCLA), Stephen Bokenkamp (ASU), Ted Fowler (UC-Irvine), Peter Hays Gries (Oklahoma), Jane-Marie Law (Cornell), Marcia Yonemoto (CU-Boulder), and so forth.

The 2016 University of Colorado, Boulder Asian Studies Graduate Association Conference invites graduate students to submit papers that consider the traditions of Asia, ancient and modern.  All fields of research on all areas of Asia in the Humanities are encouraged to apply; including religious studies, history, literature, philosophy, anthropology, comparative literature, etc.

This year’s conference will include two keynote presentations, one by Professor Ronald Egan of Stanford University, and the other by Professor Adam Kern of University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to their presentations, both keynote speakers as well as University of Colorado faculty will be on hand to provide feedback to presenters throughout the conference.  Beyond exploring various topics in Asian Studies, our conferences have always focused on professional development for graduate students interested in presenting papers and becoming involved in academic networks with others in the field.  

Dates and times are provided in the page text. Keynote speakers will be Dr. Adam Kern from University of Wisonsin-Madison and Dr. Ronald Egan from Stanford University.The two-day conference will be held on Friday, February 19th, 2016 and Saturday, February 20th, 2016. In addition to lunch and refreshment for both days, the CU Boulder Asian Studies Graduate Association will also provide a dinner on Friday night for student presenters and faculty members.  Fifteen to twenty-minute presentations will be expected, with time for comments and questions for each paper.  Prospective participants should submit an abstract of the paper they intend to present and a résumé or curriculum vitae.  Please send all applications and inquiries to by the deadline of December 31st, 2015.

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