The University has many finance, procurement, and research administration training opportunities offered by several Boulder campus units and System offices. Some trainings are mandatory for certain fiscal roles and job duties. To check on the formal trainings that you have completed, login to myCUinfo > CU Resources > Training > Training Summary.

Training Opportunities

The menu on the right ► contains all the trainings offered by ABS plus a selection of high-priority or popular trainings that are not ABS. Email with questions about ABS trainings.

Upcoming training & event schedule  ABS training videos

The Office of University Controller (OUC) offers a variety of learning resources.

Finance System Step-by-Steps
Overview, chart of accounts, journal entries, asset management

Cognos Reporting System Step-by-Steps
Access, logging in, navigating, m-Fin report explanation sheets

General IT Step-by-Steps
Trusted sites, clearing cache, email rules, screenshots, pop-up blockers.

ePERs Step-by Steps
Certifying Electronic Personnel Effort Reports, Supervisor Certification, ePER Reports.

Fiscal Certification Step-by-Steps
Online certification and training for Officers, Principals and Managers in Fiscal Roles to annually certify their financial accountability and responsibility.

Fundraising Events
In-person training with the OUC’s Fundraising & Gift Compliance Specialist. The session can focus on a specific topic, a planned upcoming event, or can be a general discussion.

The Procurement Service Center (PSC) presents a variety of online learning resources that show how to purchase and pay for goods and services and how to travel and process travel reimbursements.

PSC Training & Help 


The Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis (PBA) put together this helpful How-To and FAQ.

Budget and Finance How-To and FAQ

Topics include:

  • Budget and planning parameters
  • Financial reports and systems
  • Org tree and chart of accounts
  • Policies and procedures
  • Research grants
  • Tuition and fees
  • Gift funds
  • Enrollment, degrees, courses, faculty, employee count and other institutional information 

CPE for CPAs

The Office of University Controller provides high quality Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses that are affordable, relevent, conveniently located, and NASBA sponsored to Certified Public Accountants of the state of Colorado. Although geared toward CPE credit for CPAs, these courses are open to all University employees

OCG Training & Education

The Office of Contracts and Grants provides a variety external and internal training and education around CU business practices as well as professional development.

Online documentation for Campus Solutions 

  • Campus Solutions Overview
  • CRM
  • DARS
  • ISIS Campus Community
  • ISIS Faculty Center
  • ISIS Financial Aid
  • ISIS Online Student Center
  • ISIS Recruiting and Admissions
  • ISIS Reporting
  • ISIS Student Financials
  • ISIS Student Records
  • JIRA
  • Duplicate Resolution
  • Enterprise Query for Campus Solutions 9.0

myCUinfo portal (complete navigation below)

To access SkillSoft: logon to myCUinfo portal > CU Resources tab > Training > Start SkillSoft > Catalog > University of Colorado - Courses folder.

SkillSoft offers CU employees and affiliates (POI’s) an array of online learning opportunities. Some are mandatory depending on job duties but many are simply available to broaden knowledge and skills. CU courses available through SkillSoft cover areas such as:

  • Advancement
  • Campus Security
  • COI (Conflict of Interest)
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Export Controls
  • Faculty
  • Finance
  • Grants and Contracts
  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • Human Resources
  • HRMS
  • Information Security
  • ISIS – Integrated Student Information System
  • OLAR (Office of Lab Animal Research)
  • Procurement
  • WHC (Wardenburg Health Center)

There is also access to thousands of books from Books 24x7. This online library features the unabridged contents of the latest and best business and technology books.

More information is available from:

New Employee Overview

This brief two-page overview of the University financial environment is targeted to all new employees, regardless of title or duties. An online tutorial is also available and, although dated, covers many essentials of the University financial environment that every employee should know.