The CU Sounding Rocket Laboratory will provide your company or organization with cost-effective media exposure while demonstrating your commitment to engineering education, exploration, and technological innovation. We launch our rockets several times per year and compete in widely-publicized events with other universities and companies, and our rockets are extensively photographed by media and event attendees.

Sponsors are given access to SRL's growing image, video and test data archives as well as our inerted rockets and engineering samples, which can be provided on a temporary basis for display purposes. Our rockets are held to high standards of cleanliness and engineering quality, and we go out of our way to effectively use the opportunities for publicity provided by competitive rocketry events and media interviews.

SRL's continued growth is enabled by the support of forward-looking individuals and organizations. With your support, we can continue to safely build talent in the aerospace engineering field and push the limits of student-led high-powered rocketry.

For information about sponsoring SRL, see our Sponsor Pack or email

Our crowdfunding page (now closed) is available here:

Donations to SRL are handled through the CU Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization.