Published: Sept. 13, 2018

The Leonard H. Gemmill Engineering, Mathematics & Physics Library is collaborating with Environmental Design 3115 to host a Stacked Brick Sculpture in the library.

“Through this exercise, students will design an interior spatial experience and explore the tactile nature of a common building material,” said Neal Evers, professor of Environmental Design at CU Boulder and instructor for this course.

The class will break into groups and each group must construct a stacked-brick composition, using every one of the 500 bricks that have been provided. The composition also must include a reading nook that has space for one library reading chair.

Each composition will live in the upper floor of the Gemmill Library for one week, when the next group will deconstruct the composition and build their own. There will be 12 compositions in total, spanning the entire semester.

The first structure was constructed on Friday, September 7. The group built a Christmas Tree with a star base, along with a nook and a suggestion of a fireplace. When asked why they chose this design, they said, “As the first group, we wanted to have a strong design to set the precedent for the class.”

“We like this assignment because it’s hands on and very interdisciplinary. You need to collaborate and communicate well to manage the project,” one group member said.

The Libraries are especially excited to host this exhibit. “We’re always looking for ways to bring in new faces, and this brings in Environmental Design students who might not normally use the Gemmill Library,” said Mark Locy, Sciences Outreach Specialist for the University Libraries.

Barb Losoff, head of the Gemmill Library, has also been a strong supporter of this collaboration: “The Libraries value innovation and partnerships with different departments on campus. And I think this project is really cool.”

Come to the Gemmill Engineering, Math & Physics Library and check out the new compositions each week.