Vilja HuldenI am a historian of the United States and an instructor at the Department of History at the University of Colorado Boulder.

My work focuses on labor and social history around the turn of the twentieth century. Besides the traditional sorts of historical research, I'm also fascinated by the recent developments in digital humanities and digital history, and I'm currently experimenting with techniques like topic modeling and social network analysis in my own research – more on that on the Research page.

Together with the folks at the Department of Linguistics here at CU Boulder, I'm also playing with applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to historical research and resource development. We're creating a web-based tool for Semantic Role Labeling and that kind of analysis; it's in the user testing phase. (For more, see the Master Readme, though be aware that this is all in development!)

I've also been organizing events around digital humanities: in 2015 I started the Exploring Digital Humanities lecture series – now less active, as much of the that type of work has been taken over by our fantastic Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship. In 2018, together with colleagues from the University of Denver and elsewhere we organized a Digital Scholarship in the Front Range symposium – hopefully more to come along those lines!

If you want the long and boring version, feel free to download my CV.