CU Gold Health Insurance and Trans* Health

If you are on CU-Gold health insurance and identify as trans* many transition related expenses are covered including hormone replacement therapy and gender confirmation surgery. Contact for more information.

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer (GLBTQ) Resource Center

      Gender Inclusive Teaching Video - created by students with the GSC on gender inclusivity in the classroom 

List of Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Campus

Queer Women in Community (WRC Peer Group)

Are you a queer woman looking for community on campus? QWIC is a social gathering that meets in the Women's Resource Center. Join us for free food, conversation, and fun! We will also be going on fun free field trips! Contact

QTPOC (Queer and Trans* People of Color) at CU

A student group focuses on community, support, social justice and advocacy of intersecting identities of race/ethnicity within the LGBTQ community. QTPOC works within the CU community to bring in various speakers, such as Janet Mock and Mondo Guerra, and produce events that touch on various issues such as queerness, race, and socio-economic status. QTPOC meets on Thursdays at 6pm in the GLBTQ Resource Center.


Transgender/Gender Creative Psychotherapy Group (Fall 2015)

This group will focus on encouraging individuals towards personal development, creating and utilizing workable coping skills, and providing acceptance of each person’s unique journey. This group will meet Thursdays @ 1:00PM at Wardenburg Health Center

CU Lactation Rooms
  1. Biotech - Room D130B - Please contact Angela Janacek to check-out a key, or with questions. Email:
  2. Center for Community (C4C) - A lactation room is located on the 4th floor adjacent to the gender neutral bathroom. It is open to faculty, staff & students.
  3. Engineering Center - A lactation room for new moms is located in DLC 201. This room, available to engineering faculty, staff, and students, has a desk and a chair, a microwave, and supplies such as paper towels, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. If you would like to use this room please contact Cherie H. Summers at 303-492-7720 or
  4. Law School - A lactation room is located within the bathroom on the first floor. This is a closed off space which includes a rocking chair. It is open to faculty, staff, and students.
  5. University Memorial Center (UMC) -  A new lactation room is located in UMC 132.  The room contains a recliner-type chair with ottoman and a larger, overstuffed-type chair. There are two end tables and a lamp. To access the space, people can check out the key from the Reception Desk.  You will need to leave an ID with the Desk.
  6. ARCE Building - A lactation room is located on the 2nd floor in room 235. You may reserve times on an online calendar. You can reserve it by any name (you do not have to use your own name- alias are fine). We ask that you reference our department in the location box in the room reservation.  The room calendar is listed under OIT-ARCE-Lactation in the room list.  There is a dry erase board on the outside of door that you can write on to indicate it is in use.  Please lock the door when you are using the room.  HR is in the process of ordering a room key to use in the event  the door is ever locked and not in use and you need access.  This room is temporary for the time being and could potentially be removed by the end of this year.
  7. Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics (LASP) - There are “respite rooms” available in both the LSTB and SPSC buildings. Both can be reserved by LASP staff or for official visitors by request at the front desk, and have locking doors, desks, and comfortable chairs. Call 303-492-6412 for more information. 
  8. Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex (SEEC) - There is a lactation room in SEEC S120. For more information, please contact 303-492-5420, or Erin Printy, MSPH, the SEEC Assistant Building Manager, at 303-735-8328. 
  9. RL-2 – A new lactation room is now open in RL-2 on East Campus in Room 321-BA. The room can be reserved by sending a calendar invite to Upon arrival, you can check out the key at the third-floor reception desk. 
Valerie Lynn Simons
Executive Director & Title IX Coordinator
Teresa Wroe 
Director of Education and Prevention and Deputy Title IX Coordinator​
Akirah J Bradley
Dean of Students & Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
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