This series explores how different aspects of life can contribute to a holistic idea of "healthiness", and the unique ways they can affect women. Through discussion we will explore ways in which we can challenge the stigmas surrounding health and learn how to support ourselves and other people in our lives who may be affected by these conditions. Past talks included: Food for Thought, Using Yoga to Support Trauma Recovery, Navigating Healthcare as an Immigrant, and Fresh Access in Boulder County.

Fall 2017 Dates:

  •  Break Down the Wall: A Night about Immigration and DACA
    • The Women's Resource Center and Health Promotion introduces an interactive panel on the legal and social impacts of the DACA program and its cancellation. Consisting of Justin Vinneau with a focus on health disparities and Violeta Chapin with an emphasis on legal aspects of DACA.
    • Thursday, November 9 at 6 PM - 8 PM in UMC 386