The CU Womens Resource CenterGender and Sexuality Center, and the Cultural Unity & Engagement Center - CUE are joining forces to bring you more collaborative events. We may also partner with other offices/groups, and welcome your ideas! This program is part of the WRC's Bridging Identity, Building Community series, and the CUE's Conversation Circles series. This is an opportunity for our offices to combine efforts to bring intersectional topics to campus, and gain deeper understandings of various identites people hold. With all of our events, we invite you to bring your questions, thoughts, and inspirations as we work towards a more supportive and welcoming future. Last semesters we hosted: 

Spring 2017 Dates:

  • Building Identity, Building Community: We Exist: Visibility at the Intersections
    • Queer Muslims exist and resist in a society and administration that is plagued with Islamophobia, Homophobia, and Racism. Now is a crucial time in justice movements and activism to bring the most marganalized voices to the center to create self determination and solutinaly activism. How do we create brace space for truth, vulnerability, and wholeness of who we are? Join this interative discussion to address how we can both show up authentically as all parts of who we are and encourage others to do the same. Facilitated by Sonj Basha. This event is hosted by collaboration of the Women's Resource Center, Gender & Sexuality Center, Cultural Unity & Engagement Center, and Volunteer Resource Center.
    • Friday, October 27th, @ 3 PM - 4:30 PM in UMC 457
  • Building Identity, Building Community: Housing Inequalities in Boulder
    • Housing is one of the most important considerations for many CU students and is the place that you start and end your day. This session is designed to provide information on identifying off-campus housing and roommate options, legal and financial considerations related to your housing, as well as resources available to you as a CU student. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions they may wish to ask related to housing. We will also explore some local efforts to organize homeowner’s associations for Boulder and Colorado's mobile-homeowners.
      Presented by Jeremy Moore & Allison Formanack.
    • Wednesday, October 25th, @3PM-5Pm in UMC 382