The Women's Resource Center offers two scholarships (visit links to the left to learn more)

  • Cleopatra Jaramillo Estrada Activist Legacy Scholarship
  • Dorothy Martin Scholarship 

    Please also check out these other CU-Boulder Scholarships:

    • CU Boulder - Search our database to find private and CU-Boulder scholarship opportunities.
    • Dr. George Rivera Social Justice Scholarship will be used each year to support an Ethnic Studies major or minor who is dedicated to social justice. 
    • Bold Center offers participation scholarships, one-year scholarships, and more in order to break down the barriers that keep too many of today’s young talent from reaching their aspirations, and help students realize their full potential as engineers. 
    • Annual scholarships for students in the CU GLBTQIA community, sponsored by the Gender and Sexuality Center, GLBT Alumni Chapter, LGBT Studies Certificate Program and College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
    • Puksta Scholars Program $4500
    • Leona Stanford Vollintine Scholarship $2500
    • S. Antoinette Bigelow $1,600.00
    • University Women’s Club Scholarship - varies on financial need
    • Colonel Raymond C. Hall Occupational Safety Scholarship $1,300.00
    • Please email opportunities to