10 Things I Love About Me

10 Things I Love About Me: Kim Strong

Aug. 6, 2014

(10 Things I Love About Me is a new blog series designed to celebrate our wonderful staff and volunteers at the Dubb. We ask our bloggers to list ten things they love about themselves so that readers can get to know them better!) Kim Strong (Marketing Coordinator) 1) I love...

Mad About Mondays

The Dangers of Asian Stereotypes

Aug. 6, 2014

by Sandra No It has come to my attention that movie/T.V. entertainment severely lack people of color--most notably characters of Asian/Asian American descent. The first day of class, Professor Walker asked who our favorite Disney character was and why. Of course I chose Mulan. She has characteristics and values that...

The F Files

Kickass Activists: Meet Topaz + Sarah with CU’S INVST Community Leadership Program

June 27, 2014

by Sarah Rimmel This past semester I had a chance to sit down with CU Boulder students Topaz Hooper and Sarah Rush to talk about activism, CU’s INVST program, and life in general. Topaz is a Geography major and dance minor. Sarah is a Political Science major. They both are...