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Erika Cabrera(10 Things I Love About Me is a blog series designed to celebrate our wonderful staff and volunteers at the W. We ask our bloggers to list ten things they love about themselves so that readers can get to know them better!)

I love my sense of creativity. I’m really hands-on and have always enjoyed drawing, arts & crafts, styling, assembling, constructing, home décor, sketching, painting, photography, and simply creating!

I love photographing special moments. Photography is the beauty I fail to put into words and a return ticket to a moment otherwise forgotten. I’m no professional but it’s something I love and seem to have gotten from my momma. 

I love that I am passionate.  I can be many things but if I had to pick one word to describe myself with, it would be passionate.

I love my family. They are the core of who I am and continuously inspire and motivate me to work on becoming the best version of myself. My parents are my greatest support system and give me the strength to pursue the unimaginable. I’m so grateful for all that they’ve sacrificed to help get my brothers and I where we are today.

I love my culture.  My parents are both from Michoacán, Mexico and visiting during the holidays each year is always a priority of mine. Michoacán is known for being rich in culture and a few of my favorite things from there include the artisans, the ice cream (preferably avocado), chongos zamoranos, the colorful guanengos, gorditas de nata, La Danza de los Viejitos, archaeological and historical sites (Janitzio, Paricutin, Camecuaro, Patzcuaro to name a few) and Carne en su Jugo!

I love my appreciation for the little things. I keep a shoebox full of special memories with sweet little things like hand-written cards, vintage photos, charms, pebbles, and recuerditos. I have such an appreciation for “simple” things that come from the heart because they’re anything but simple.

I love how my mom says I have a “corazoncito de pollo”.  I care deeply about so many things and gain so much joy from seeing others happy. Everything goes straight to my heart.

I love to keep an open mind. I enjoy meeting friends from all walks of life, trying new food, going on adventures, stepping out of my comfort zone, exploring the unfamiliar, adrenaline, learning, and seeking any new opportunities for growth.

I love volunteering. Outside of CU, I’ve helped with Habitat for Humanity, Denver Homeless Connect, Montessori Elementary School, Boulder Valley High School District, Columbine Elementary, The Ronald McDonald House, and The Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

I love my ability to express myself through my clothing and style. I wear what makes me happy no matter how strange it may seem to others and often like to take a pair of scissors to articles of clothing and personalize them. I have a thing for bright lipsticks, thrifting, and finding cool vintage pieces that you don’t see every day. Also, I have an obsession with anything related to Selena Quintanilla Perez. She’s been my favorite since the age of 3.