You can make changes to your listing at any time throughout the year.

Getting started

There are three parts to updating your directory information: people information, organization information, and reviewing your information. The following is our suggested workflow, but it is not necessary to follow this order.

A to Z Login


Don't use the back button. Use the tabs to navigate.

 Any changes you make to your listing through the admin panel will be reflected in the online A to Z directory within 24 to 72 hours.

A-Z Directory - Step 1: Edit People

In this section you will review information for each individual in your organization. Learn how to choose an individual's display name and more.

A-Z Directory - Step 2: Edit Organizations

In this section you can organize people within your department, add subunits to your department, and change information associated with your department and subunits.

A-Z Directory Step 3- Review Your Listings.

Once you have made all your changes you can review your listing to catch any errors or changes you forgot to make.