Important Notice:

The Four Winds software is on a one year extension while we evaluate a new solution for the campus.

The Four Winds software is not compliant with our campus accessibility policy. The ICT Review Process has granted a one-year extension to remediate the accessibility issues associated with the FWI platform. During this extension year we will not be implementing new digital signs under the campus Four Winds license.

Strategic Relations will be leading efforts on evaluating requirements and defining a new Digital Sign Solution and Service. Current stakeholders in four winds will be contacted during this evaluation period to help gather business requirements.

The Digital Signage (Four Winds) service has recently transitioned from OIT to Strategic Relations. Under the current license agreement, Strategic Relations will serve as a guide and liaison to Four Winds Interactive. Current Four Wind users can use the support and resource information below.

Defining a new digital sign service

Strategic Relations will perform an analysis of current implementations of digital signs across campus over the upcoming summer months (2018). This effort will involve gathering business requirements from key stakeholders, gather implementation requirements, investigate and vet potential technology solutions, and follow up with a new service proposal with budget request.

Do you currently have a digital sign or is your department thinking of implementing one? If so, we want to hear from you.