Nick Valcourt

Nick Valcourt is a Graduate Research Assistant and Doctoral Student in the Civil Systems Engineering program at the University of Colorado-Boulder. In his current role he is supporting research and learning activities across the USAID-funded Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership. As part of this work Nick conducts systems thinking workshops with local stakeholders to explore the complexities of delivering sustainable water and sanitation services in Ethiopia, Uganda and Cambodia. 


Nick holds a B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the George Washington University and an M.S. in Civil Systems Engineering from CU-Boulder. He has previously worked as a water & wastewater consultant on domestic and international infrastructure & planning projects and with non-profit organizations working on water and sanitation projects in Peru, Haiti & Morocco. Nick has been one of the principal organizers of the Colorado WASH Symposium since 2014 and was previously a member of the Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities Leadership Team from 2014-2016.


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