Kevin Pulley

Kevin Pulley is a second-year Graduate student in the Professional Masters Program for Global Environmental Engineering. Prior to attending CU, he earned a B.S in Civil Engineering at the University of Washington Seattle. Kevin's interest in global engineering stemmed from his experiences researching water/wastewater management and treatment in Jordan with students and professors from the Jordan University of Science and Technology; interning with the Parikrma Humanity Foundation in providing quality education, nutrition, family care, and health care to children living in Bangalore's urban slum communities; and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua and Putney Student Travel Ecuador.


While at CU, Kevin has been part of the Sample Collection Team with Professor Cresten Mansfeldt operating the on-campus wastewater monitoring network for SARS-CoV-2. He has become the Co-Lead of the 2022 Colorado WASH Symposium; after serving as the Financial Lead and on the Programming Committee for planning the 2021 Colorado WASH Symposium. Aside from research and academics, he is the Student Representative of the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering and leads a virtual & caffeinated global news discussion with Mortenson students called A Cup of Current Events. In addition, he spent his 2021 summer as a Technical Field Intern for Movement on the Ground working on various construction projects in the RIC Lesvos Refugee Camp in Greece.


After CU, he hopes to work on improving humanitarian WASH interventions for and with displaced communities through combining technical expertise in WASH with human centered design principles, cross cultural competency, and community engagement.