Ken is focusing on water quality in natural waters under the MS Environmental Engineering track at CU. As part of his research, he is involved in the water quality and acidic mine drainage inside the Captain Jack mine near Ward, CO. His academic interests remain in water quality regulation and monitoring of constituents as it pertains to under-represented developing communities. More specifically, with increasing pressure from oil-gas industries, and heavy metal runoff from acidic mine/rock drainage, he is very concerned with the water rights and safety of people downstream. Proper monitoring and advocacy surrounding these inherent rights is a growing concern and interest of his while pursuing graduate school.

Ken currently holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and worked for three years in water/wastewater construction following his undergraduate career. He has a passion for field work, a fascination with mechanical pump and machinery assembly, and a keen interest in the physical/chemical processes driving water quality.

In addition to spending time in the field, Ken enjoys exploring trails, hiking, running, and learning new things.