Caleb Cord

Caleb is the programming lead for the 2019 CO WASH Symposium. He is a graduate research assistant on the USAID Sustainable WASH Systems (SWS) initiative. As a PhD student in Environmental Engineering, his largest interests and future aspirations lie at the interface of scientific research, practical action and policy. His primary work on the project currently involves the exploration of public-private partnerships, preventative maintenance models, and various tariff and financing structures for potential impact on improving and sustaining service delivery levels within the SWS consortium. Additionally, his interests include the incorporation of water quality monitoring and safe water planning in to models aimed at improving and sustaining service delivery in rural areas of low income countries. Caleb also works for Water for People, a nonprofit headquartered in Denver, CO, and has lived/worked in Tanzania, Colombia, and Uganda. He’s always looking for another excuse to live in a new culture for a while, preferably with good hiking nearby. Outside of all of this, he loves dogs, good food, long road trips, long runs, and any spare second he can find to craft a new song on the piano or guitar.