Annabel Mungan

Annabel Mungan is a thesis-based master's student studying Environmental Engineering. Her research focuses on ion exchange and adsorption, two advanced treatment technologies used to remove heavy metals from drinking water. Annabel grew up on the water in Annapolis, Maryland and graduated with her B.S. from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to starting at CU Boulder, she worked as a civil engineer for the National Park Service, which sparked her interest in water and sanitation in remote areas of the United States. Two of the projects she worked on at Yosemite National Park included an innovative backcountry composting toilet and a campground wastewater treatment system. Outside of school, Annabel volunteers at the Boulder Pregnancy Resource Center. You may also find her exploring the great outdoors, taking a nap somewhere around SEEC, practicing her limited Chinese vocabulary, or craving food from Malaysia, where her mother is from.