Food Assistance and Resources

Are you not sure where your next meal is coming from? Are you worried about a friend or fellow CU student who might not have eaten for a while? We’re here to help to provide support in accessing services at CU and in the community.

Interested in helping? Scroll to the bottom to see a list of needed donations and a way to contribute financially.

Emergency Food Shelves

*Provided in-kind by Community Food Share.

Is it the end or beginning of the month and your paycheck is all used up? Do you just need 2-3 days or 2 weeks' worth of additional food and can’t afford to go grocery shopping? Stop by and pick up food free. You are welcome to take 2-3 days worth of non-perishable food that can be cooked at home. You may be asked to show your Buff One card at each pickup location to prove student status but no other information will be collected. Pick up locations include:

Microwaves on Campus

Do you need to find a place to heat up food you brought to campus?

  • UMC - Located outside of the Alfred Packer Grill. There is also a toaster.
  • Pekoe Siphouse(ATLAS Building) - Located near the vending machines on a small cart. 
  • Laughing Goat Cafe (Norlin Library) - There are two microwaves opposite the serving counters. There are also two toasters.
  • Education Building - In the student lounge, there is one microwave.
  • Volunteer Resource Center (UMC 458) - there is one microwave in the back room
  • Center for Inclusion and Social Change - C4C N320 - Located in the kitchen
  • CU Student Recreation Center - Located in the locker room lounge, next to the vending machines on the lower level. Must be a student to access microwave.

We are working on a list of refrigerators for daily use on campus.