BMC Students

Do you have a list of organizations that you know DO take students with mandated hours?

Yes, if you go under the “Boulder Municipal Court Services” tab, you will see a tab along the right side labeled “Volunteer Opportunities”, click on that.

The PDF document is a list of approved organizations that we know take students with court mandated hours. However, it is always advised for you to let them know you have mandated hours when you contact them.

I was assigned community service hours from the court and they referred me to your office, what do I do next?

If your hours tracking for looks like this form, first sign up for an orientation here. If your tracking form looks different than the given form, you do not have to sign up for an orientation; but you can set up an appointment or walk in our office to find out about more volunteer opportunities.

How do I sign up for a Community Service Orientation?

You can go under the “Boulder Municipal Court Services” tab and you will see the link where you can sign up for an orientation.

Remember, the hours you complete BEFORE completing a Community Service Orientation will not be counted and/or signed off on.

When can I get my hours signed off?

Once your hours are complete, you can come into the Volunteer Resource Center to get your hours signed off. All of our staff is approved to sign off on your hours, therefore you should have no issues getting them signed off, if and when they are all completed. You can find our office hours here.

I lost my tracking form for my hours, where can I get another one?

You can go under the "Boulder Municipal Court Services" tab and you will see a tab along the right side labeled “Hours Tracking Form”, you can then download and print the document.

If there are problems, click here

I am on a time crunch to get my hours done, where can I complete them?

We recommend you visit the calendar on our webpage under the “Volunteer” tab. You could also look at our Volunteer Opportunities tab (under BMC)

Can I do hours at home? (For students going back home for the weekend, Spring Break, Summer Break, Winter Break, etc.)

Yes. However, you need to let us know ASAP, before you leave, if possible. We also need a person of contact, including their email, a website and a phone number.

This would also preferably be the person who was directly overseeing you while doing your service. This organization must be a non-profit organization with a supervisor who can validate your work.

I volunteer or have volunteered at an organization not listed, can I do my hours with them?

Yes, and please let us know BEFORE you begin doing your service with them though. Also make sure they are aware that you have court mandated hours.

If they are okay with signing off on that, it works for us as well. We do ask that you give us a person of contact, preferably the person who was directly overseeing you while doing your service.


What are ways to get involved on campus?

Although our office provides many great opportunities to give back, here are a few offices where you can also engage in service. 


Do you have any One-Time opportunities available?

Yes. For these opportunities we suggest looking at our Upcoming Volunteering Calendar. We update that as much as possible. Many of those opportunities are a one-time thing, no further commitment. Also try ‘Give-A-Days’. You can sign up for give-a-days on our event page here.

What are “Give-A-Days”? How do I sign up?

Give-A-Days are a once a month service day, organized by our staff. We provide transportation for all. This is particularly helpful for students who are seeking ‘one-time opportunities.’ As a volunteer you can try out the organization first hand without further commitment.  Click here to learn more.

Can I volunteer at the Volunteer Resource Center (VRC)?

Unfortunately, we do not have regular volunteer opportunities. However, when we plan to host an event, we do need help with our ‘Street Team’, this means flyering and chalking around campus and classrooms. We do not have set dates for these activities though. You can complete the Flyering Sign-Up on our website here. You are only allowed a maximum of 2 hours.

What are Alternative Breaks (AB)?

Alternative Breaks, a program of the Volunteer Resource Center, sends teams of college students (between 12-18 students) to engage in community-based service projects during each college break, providing opportunities for students to learn about the problems faced by members of communities with whom they may otherwise have had little or no direct contact. This immersion in diverse environments enables students to experience, discuss, and understand social issues in a significant way, ultimately, moving students towards action to make a positive impact. Students either fly or drive together from Boulder to their location. All costs for each trip are inclusive of food, lodging, side trips, a t-shirt, education and program fees. Students should not have to pay anything additional while they are on the trip. Students can also sign up to lead a trip and participate in a year-long leadership course. Read more about Alternative Breaks.


Must be a University of Colorado Boulder student, staff or faculty member to participate.

What are ‘Site Leaders’?

Site Leaders are students who plan and co-lead the Alternative Breaks trips.  You must apply and be selected to be a site leader. As of 2015-2016 year, the Alternative Breaks site leader training was turned into a class where students are able to earn credit toward the leadership minor and/or upper division Arts and Sciences elective credit. Students can earn credit, but can also do the experience as a volunteer.  For more information about becoming a site leader, or the requirements of the program click here.  

Do you help groups find volunteer opportunities?

Yes, organizations will often accommodate groups. We can help you find the right opportunity for your group or organization. Please fill out the Group Opportunity Form under the “Volunteer” tab of the the website and a member of the VRC will be in touch with you to help you find a great opportunity. You may also schedule an appointment to come in a talk about your group’s interests.

I’m not a CU student, can I still come to your office for help?

We appreciate you thinking of us and are glad you want to do service! However, we are a cost center and we are supported directly by CU student fees. Our resources are for our students and how to best serve and work with them. We ask you email us and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. Foothills United Way also exists as a resource to the community for volunteering. They have a number of services that can help connect you directly to volunteer opportunities, including an online database of opportunities. 

I want to work for the VRC, are you hiring?

When positions are available we offer students the opportunity to work at the VRC as student coordinators. If you are interested in finding out about upcoming positions you can fill out the interest form under “About Us” tab and in the “Job Openings” section.  We will make sure to email you information about any openings.

Community Partners

How do I create a profile on Career Buffs?

Visit here to learn more about creating a profile.

Where can I post about upcoming opportunities? Internships?

If you have an upcoming event that you would like us to promote to get volunteers, please email us with the name of your org, event, details, a direct contact, and a link to the RSVP/sign up page, if needed. You can also post internships on your Career Buffs profile.

We have a big event coming up and need volunteers just for this event. Can you help us?

If you are having an upcoming event and need a group of students, feel free to let us know about it. We would be happy to assist in getting you volunteers for your event. Please note that availability of student volunteers depends heavily on the time of year (example: summer, finals, midterms etc.)

How can I meet the VRC staff?

We’d love to meet you! As an office, we think it is important for us to get to know our community partners and build a good relationship with them. We are trying to visit organizations and get to know their facilities, services and staff. If you would be interested in meeting us and giving us a tour of your organization, feel free to reach out to us!

Student Groups

How do I form a student group?

You can head on down to the Center of Student Involvement (CSI) website or visit their office in the University Memoriral Center, Room 330.