If you are ever looking for volunteer opportunities, group opportunities are an easy way to engage in service. These projects provide a great opportunity to work with fellow students, staff and faculty members to impact our surrounding community in a positive way.

The VRC is changing how the group volunteering opportunity process works! If you are part of a group (whether that be a student org, a group of friends, or a class) and you would like to request more information about volunteer projects you can do together, fill out the form below with information about what you're looking for and a member of the VRC Intake team will be in touch with you very soon. 

How it works:

There are many organizations in our community that have one-time projects for groups of volunteers. If your group is looking for a one-time service project or a long-term service partnership, our team will do our best to match you with an organization that we think could create an equally beneficial partnership. Whether you are looking for reccomendations of projects or organizations to plan your own project, or would like our team to help with the entire planning process, we are here to assist you! 

What you can expect from us:

Once you fill out the "Group Volunteer Request Form" below, a member of our Intake team will be in touch to set up a consultation meeting with a representative from your group. We will then chat with you about the needs of your group and identify the best way to assist you.

What we expect from you: 

Although we will do our best to meet the needs of your group, sometimes the community need is not present or does not match up, in which case we may not be able to find you exactly what you're looking for.  We request your patience and flexibility around the timing and nature of your group opportunity.

We ask that you fill out the form below at least 3 weeks before the date that you would like to volunteer. If you are within the 3 week time-window, we will still do our best to help your group find an opportunity, however we will not be able to assist in planning a new project and will direct you to existing projects in our community that are in need of volunteers. 

Additionally, it is important for community partners to know the exact number of volunteers that they can expect to show up for a project so that they are able to appropriately prepare to host your group. We therefore ask to have a confirmed number of participants from you no later than 1 week in advance of the project.

If your group has a specific need that you would like us to meet, please be direct about it with us from the beginning of the planning process, this will help us in helping you (examples of this include: having a project that is exclusively for your group, a project that accomplished a specific goal, etc.). 

Group Volunteer Request Form