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Check back in March 2019 for summer service opportunities.

Summer service opportunities for CU Faculty and Staff have been brought back by popular demand! In response to multiple requests from across campus, the Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) is partnering with a handful of local nonprofit organizations to offer CU in the Community Summer Service Days! The goal of these service projects is to create an opportunity for the division to connect with one another and give back to our local communities.

We offer half-day morning and afternoon projects that fit easily into your professional day. Each project will be lead by VRC staff member who will provide information regarding directions, what to bring and any important details pertaining to the project you choose.

Important Volunteer Notes:

  • By signing up to volunteer, you are agreeing to the attached waiver of responsibility. Depending on the project, one may be exposed to sun and weather elements, allergens, animals, insects, garden and/or construction tools and equipment, and other potential hazards. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about accessibility and safety related to any project.
  • No transportation will be provided. All participants must be able to get themselves to and from the service projects. 
  • Lunch will not be provided, so please pack snacks, food, and water as needed.

Thank you for your interest in service. We can't wait to CU in the Community!

Questions? Contact, Sophia Surage at or 303-735-4427.

Read about the 2016 days of service!

**Attention Supervisors**
The Division of Student Affairs would like supervisors and employees to log their volunteer time in the following ways based on staff classification and time card system.

My Leave Classified Staff
Employee Submit a leave request by entering the event in your My Leave calendar by selecting the Earnings Code “Volunteer-Administrative Leave,” and then selecting “Submit a Request" from the Status drop down and enter a description of the activity you plan to attend in the description box, then Save.
Supervisor The volunteer request would need to be approved just like a vacation request. Approve in the Manager icon on the portal front page, or the Manager drop down menu.
My Leave University Staff
Employee University Staff will enter volunteer hours in your My Leave calendar by selecting the Earnings Code “Volunteer-Administrative Leave,” and select status “Mark as Taken,” along with a description of the activity, then Save.
Supervisor There are no additional steps to be taken by the supervisor.
All Staff Kronos
Employee The employee will request the leave from the supervisor
Supervisor The supervisor will enter the leave on Kronos as Admin Leave-Volunteer and the number of hours taken.