Vendor check in will begin at 11:00 AM to allow you plenty of time to unload your product, park your vehicle, and set up your table and booth. All vehicles will unload on the East and West side of the Old Main building. 

Directions to the Unloading Zone: 

  • If using a GPS or driving directions, put in the address for Macky Auditorium - 1595 Pleasant St, Boulder, CO 80309.
  • From University Ave, take a right onto Macky Drive. Stay to the left.
  • Make your next left onto Pleasant Street.
  • You will be greeted by traffic support volunteers and directed to unload on either the West or East side of the Old Main building.

Important Unloading Instructions:

  • DO NOT PARK on Pleasant Street. (You will unload and then be redirected to parking BEFORE setting up your table).
  • YOU MUST remain in your vehicle until you are directed into an unloading zone.
  • A volunteer will assist you with unloading your vehicle.

After Unloading Your Vehicle: 

  • You will receive parking instructions and directions at the unloading point.
  • BEFORE setting up your table, you will be asked to relocate and park your car.
  • Once you have parked your vehicle you can return to Norlin Quad on foot to check in and set up your booth.
  • Please check-in (on the East side of Norlin Quad, under the white tents, facing Norlin Library) first to confirm your table location and then you can begin setting up your table.

Be Involved Fair Schedule: 

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Vendor unloading, check-in and set-up

12:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Non-Profit and Campus Department check-in

1:00 - 2:00 PM: Student Organization set-up 

2:00 PM: Fair begins 

6:00 PM: Fair ends 

Please follow the guidelines detailed below for planning how to best connect students with your company and products at the Be Involved Fair. Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to contact us to discuss any outreach ideas to use at the fair! Please read through the entire list as these items are essential to a smooth and successful event. 



Keep food and drink samples small to reduce waste and reach more students

Do not bring glass containers, alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis products  

Bring promotional materials to share with students about your organization

Do not bring stickers of any kind as they are not allowed to be used on CU’s campus 

Bring food samples that are easily carried and eaten


Do not bring food items that are individually packaged and create unnecessary waste such as candy

Bring your own branded 10 by 10 foot tent with appropriate weights: water, sand, solid cement

Do not use ground stakes, budgie cables, sand mixed with rock or gravel, wet or unset cement


Find the check in tent when you arrive at the fair so we can help you find your table

Do not set up at a table before checking in

Have a fantastic time interacting with CU students and getting the word out about your organization! 

Do not be afraid to ask questions! We are always here and accessible so please contact us if you have any concerns at all. Email or call,  or (303) 735-4496

The following will be available on or near Norlin Quad:

  • Bathrooms in buildings nearby
  • Water stations
  • Compost and recyling
  • Support staff

The following will NOT be available and/or are NOT permitted on Norlin Quad:

  • Access to power, fuel, and ice
  • Open flames due to Boulder Fire Ban
  • Internet connection
  • Loud music as classes will be in session
  • Ground stakes to secure tents
  • Alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis products
  • Glass containers