What is food insecurity?

Lack of access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally relevant food, in a quantity that supports the active and healthy lifestyle our students need to be successful.

Visit Feeding America to learn more about food insecurity.

How we started

Our group formed in 2016 when CU staff members and students started hearing personal stories of CU Boulder students who were unable to purchase food, due to a number of various financial and life circumstances. With a desire to help these individual students with food resources, our committee grew to include many people from around campus and the community, including students, who all direct our work. Our efforts are guided by research and evidence-based practice.


In order to alleviate the barriers of food insecurity, our group is dedicated to providing services, referrals, and education so that CU Boulder students can thrive academically.


All CU students have access to affordable, nutritious and culturally relevant food in a quantity that supports student health, wellness and academic success.


  • We believe that access to affordable, adequate, nutritious, and culturally relevant food is a basic human right and that attendance at CU Boulder does not mean that all of your food needs are met.
  • We believe that all human beings should be treated with respect and dignity and that our mission is in direct alignment with the campus goals of Positively Impacting Humanity.
  • We value the wise and efficient use of resources, be they food, money, human energy, or others.
  • We believe that strength comes in numbers, and that united we are stronger than if we remained separate.
  • We value the autonomy and uniqueness of each of our members, understanding that those within a community will understand what it needs better than those outside of it, especially our CU Boulder student population who are experiencing this issue directly.
  • We value leadership opportunities for students which is why students are involved in both our advisory and working committees.
  • Finally, we value education and believe it is key to, directly and indirectly, alleviating poverty within our communities, the United States, and globally.


    • Provide on-campus mobile food pantries on campus for graduate and undergraduate students, staff, and faculty in need of food assistance.

    • Facilitate a meal-swipe donation program to provide access to fresh and healthy food on campus in our dining facilities.

    • Stock food in the on-campus locations where students can receive emergency food assistance. 2-3 days of food can be given.

    • Partner with on and off-campus organizations to provide access to food resources to CU Boulder populations in need.

    If you are in need of food assistance please apply to the Student Emergency Fund below:

    Student Emergency Fund

    Advisory committee

    We are grateful to our local food assistance programs in the community for serving on our advisory committee.