Published: July 21, 2020

Move-in Volunteer Roles

A line of cars awaits their turn to unload

  • Cart Retrieval Volunteer: Assist in the retrieval and return to sanitation station of move in carts from parking lots, residence halls and around residential areas of campus. 

  • Campus Directional Volunteer: Assist students and families with directions to the appropriate entrance of key location for to receive their welcome materials during move in. 

  • Golf Cart Shuttle Volunteer: Must have a valid driver’s license and take the online Defensive Driving Training. Shuttle visitors with mobility assistance from parking structures to residence halls and answer questions while providing a welcoming environment.

  • Hall Greeter Volunteer: Greet arriving students and families at the entrance to the residence halls. Ensure health and safety protocols are being followed, reinforcing mask wearing, one guest policy, and social distancing requirements.

  • Sustainability and Sanitation Volunteer: Assist in sanitizing move in carts after their return in between use. Support sustainability efforts on campus by breaking down cardboard and sorting waste into appropriate receptacles. 

  • Traffic Support Volunteer: Support parking services staff with the process of helping students and families while waiting in line or finding the quick drop stations. In addition, answer questions while providing a welcoming environment.

Signature Event Support 

Buff Stop Volunteer: Provide information on classroom locations to students returning to class on the first day.