All incoming students that will be using VA educational benefits need to complete the following:
1. Submit a Certificate of Eligibility. This is the document the VA sends after students have been approved for benefits. Anyone intending to use these benefits needs to apply for them online, as soon as possible, at: Dependents need to complete this step after benefits have been transferred to them. Students that have used benefits at another institution need to visit the same website: and update their school and program to show CU Boulder information. Select: "updating my current education benefits" under "select correct form."
2. Submit a Request for Enrollment Certification Form. This is the document that tells us a student wants to use benefits for the coming semester. After enrolling in classes, submit the form on our website at: or in our office.
3. Get changed to in-state for tuition billing or dependents can apply for Yellow Ribbon.

Veterans that are not currently residents of Colorado need to submit a copy of their DD-214 and proof that they are living in the state to Tuition Classification by the fourth week of school to be changed to in-state. We recommend submitting these things by September 1. Details about this are available at: Students staring at CU through Continuing Education should contact at: Students on terminal leave when the semester starts should contact the Office of Veteran Services for information about what to submit.

Dependents can qualify for in-state if they are using Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits and their transferor retired or separated within 3 years of the student starting at CU Boulder. To verify this, a copy of your parent’s DD-214 should be submitted to the Office of Veteran Services. If their transferor is on active duty they can also be changed to in-state for tuition billing. To verify this, a copy of their orders should be submitted to our office. Please contact our office for further details about these exceptions. Fry Scholarship recipients are eligible to be billed in-state rates.  

CU Boulder does offer the Yellow Ribbon Program to dependent students that do not qualify for in-state. They must be using the Post 9/11 GI Bill and be 100% eligible for it. Please visit the FAQ section of this website for more information. The application is also available at: or in our office. Veterans do not need to apply for Yellow Ribbon because they can be billed as in-state students.

If a dependent is not using VA benefits, they can still qualify for in-state if their parent was stationed in Colorado within the last 12 years. Information on this exception can be viewed here:

Documents can be emailed to:, faxed to 303-492-1880, delivered in person or mailed.

Please contact the Office of Veteran Services at 303-492-7322 or if you need assistance. We are open 8-5 Monday-Friday during the academic year.